Daitron (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Wire harness

Wire harness assembly business

Daitron Japan have been involved in the wire harness assembly business since 1975.
In Thailand, Daitron also collaborate with our partner companies to provide high quality and high performance assembly products.
Daitron Thailand will propose an assembly company that can provide the most suitable products from us by providing the materials and drawings to be used.
We provide high-quality harness products to various fields by utilizing various wiring technologies, know-how over many years, and domestic and overseas networks.

General industrial harness

 Various harnesses for communication, control, power supply, etc. used in industrial equipment

Special purpose / high-performance harness

    High-performance harnesses used for special purposes, which are more complicated than wire harnesses for industrial equipment, are mainly manufactured for medical equipment and MIL SPEC products.
    These wire harnesses are becoming more and more complex with the recent miniaturization and high density of connectors, and extremely strict quality performance is required.
    Among them, we further refine the technology cultivated in the manufacture of wire harnesses for industrial equipment and provide products that earn the trust of our customers.